Home Schooled 2021


Funny Don’t Blame Me I Was Home Skooled 2021 Kids Tshirt. Features a Unique Design and made from 100% cotton.


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This gorgeous super soft 100% cotton white t-shirt has a unique home schooled design.
The T-Shirt says ‘Don’t Blame Me I Was Home Skooled 2021’ and makes a great gift for any kids that were home schooled during lockdown.
Schooled is spelt as Skooled to add some humour to the shirt deisgn.
This is a unique design that is crafted in house by Clever Creations in our Derbyshire studio.
If you require any other year printing, please contact us.


We only use 100% cotton t-shirts, unlike some sellers that use polyester or poly/cotton blends.


Cotton clothes are 100% natural and none allergenic.
A child’s skin is very delicate and cotton is widely recognised as the best fabric for children’s skin.
Cotton fabric is breathable and transmits moisture away from the body.
Synthetic products (such as polyester) are made and treated with chemicals.
Polyester blends are often treated with formaldehyde and softened with ammonia.
That’s why at Clever Creations we only use 100% cotton t-shirts !!!


We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and offer a 100% guarantee with our products.
if you are in any way unsatisfied with this home schooled shirt or any of our other products please let us know and we will always help.


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Thank you for taking the time to look at one of our unique hand made products.
If you’re interested in a custom order then please contact us.
We’re happy to answer any questions about our products.


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